POET Platform

Monolithically Integrated Opto-Electronic Solution powering
a new class of Smart Opto-Electronic Components

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Broad Portfolio of Super Luminescent LED devices,
Integrated Light Modules and Narrow Line Width Lasers

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Data Communications

Disruptive solutions which significantly reduce power dissipation,
size and cost of optical data communication interconnects

Global Footprint

Global Research and Development
and Global Customer Base

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The next wave of innovation

POET Technologies Inc. is the developer of an integrated photonics platform that will power the next wave of innovation in integrated circuits, by combining electronics and optics onto fewer devices or ultimately onto a single chip for massive improvements in size, power, speed and cost. The company’s current IP portfolio includes more than 65 patents granted and filed. Our definition of “integrated photonics” goes beyond the conventional approach to integration in the markets for optical data communication and other applications. We combine devices into a single package with a unique approach to guiding the light using integrated dielectric materials to eliminate costly “active” alignment and lower cost by utilizing proven, wafer-level packaging techniques. Our technology also creates the potential for a single, monolithic semiconductor chip that has all the elements needed to communicate data at the speed of light, but at the cost of copper.

POET Platforms

Our technology is designed to create a platform or “photonic engine” that integrates functions that have previously never been integrated into the same device. By doing so, we believe we can capture the value associated with those discrete devices, such as lasers, detectors and multiplexers, disrupting the market for conventional solutions and creating new and expanded applications for our photonic engine. Our vision for the company is to become the global leader in integrated photonics solutions by deploying our photonic engine along with other breakthrough innovations into a wide variety of vertical market applications. The POET platform may provide the following advantages to the industry:

Power Saving Up to 10X power savings improvement over existing copper technologies (especially for high speed data communication links)
Faster Data Up to 5X cost improvement over existing optical component solutions
Cost Reduction Performance and Power of optical solutions at the price points competitive to that of copper

DenseLight Solutions

We are a global provider of innovative solutions and designs, and a cost effective manufacturer of photonics products and services.

The company designs, manufactures, and delivers leading photonic optical light source products and solutions to the communications, medical, instrumentations, industrial, defense, and security industries. The company processes Indium Phosphide (InP) and Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) based optoelectronic devices and photonic integrated circuits through its in-house wafer fabrication and assembly & test facilities. The company is recognized worldwide for its technological innovations in high performance semiconductor infrared superluminescent light sources and lasers, witha proven track record in deployed applications.

Broad Application Space


  • Photonic Sensing
  • Data Communications (long, medium, short reach)


  • Health Care
  • Mobility
  • Automotive
  • Consumer
  • Data Communications (very short reach)