A platform that unlocks tremendous market potential.


Wafer-scale Photonic Integration

  • Optical Engines – receive and transmit
  • Light Bars – multiple aligned lasers
  • Receivers – multiple detectors
  • Passive Assemblies – filters and waveguides


Multiple Application Spaces:


Data Center Market

  • Optical Engines for Datacom 100G, 200G, 400G and 800G Transceivers


Telecommunications, including 5G networks

  • Optical Engines for Telecom (PON ONU, PON OLT and CPRI B/H)


Internet of Things (IOT) and Industrial Sensing

  • Photodetectors and photodetector arrays


Automotive LIDAR

  • CWDM Laser Modules


On-Board Optics

  • Photonics-integrated ASICs (switches, graphics generators, microprocessors)