POET’s Optical Interposer is a platform technology upon which multiple applications can be based, including transceivers for data- and tele-communications, integrated photonics on electronic switching devices, low-cost components for the networking and cellular markets, automotive LIDAR and a plethora of sensing and other applications using light as a medium for data transmission. In each case, devices traditionally associated with photonics, such as laser diodes, light emitting diodes, detectors, amplifiers and the associated waveguides and other passive devices are designed specifically in the context of the Optical Interposer to meet the needs and functions of the specific application.

Data Communications

  • Optical Engines for Transceiver Modules (medium and long reach)


Photonic Sensing

  • Test & Measurement Systems
  • Biomedical
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Energy Generation
  • Navigation
  • Automotive LIDAR


  • Optical Engines for PON Devices (OLT and ONU)


5G Wireless

  • Optical Engines for CPRI Devices