OPEL Announces Third Party Valuation of its POET Technology

March 2nd, 2011

Third Party Valuation of POET Technology over $1 Billion

OPEL International Inc. (“OPEL” or “the Company”) announced today that it is in receipt of a third party valuation of intellectual property developed by its U.S. affiliates OPEL, Inc. and ODIS Inc. The Planar Opto Electronic Technology (“POET”), initially developed by Dr. Geoffrey Taylor at the University of Connecticut and licensed to OPEL, Inc., is a semiconductor fabrication technology that enables the dense packing of digital, analog, and optical circuits on a single gallium arsenide chip. The technology now makes it possible to monolithically integrate a wide number of electronic and optoelectronic functions in a single chip with higher speeds and reduced power consumption compared to Silicon CMOS. For the same functionality, the chip size would be considerably reduced to approximately the size of half a person’s thumb nail.

OPEL commissioned a valuation analysis of the POET Technology portfolio (“POET Technology”) by an independent, third party valuation firm, Pellegrino & Associates, LLC. The Pellegrino firm performed an analysis of the uses of the POET Technology, the sales it could achieve in its targeted end-markets and…Read Full Press Release

ODIS Intellectual Property Appraisal Report Redacted

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Webcast: POET Technology Valuation Conference Call (Live)
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