Forbes: Directly Modulated Lasers Poised to Deliver

February 29th, 2022

POET Technologies Chairman and CEO Dr. Suresh Venkatesan has published his latest article for the Forbes Technology Council and it focuses on the trends for the global photonics industry in 2022.

Among the topics highlighted is the anticipated increase in interest for directly modulated lasers (DMLs). “Consistent laser execution is critical to photonics success. The optoelectronics industry has managed to incorporate DMLs to deliver 100G and 200G performance. Increasing that performance to 400G and beyond has been challenging but also deeply desired,” Venkatesan writes.

POET’s DML breakthroughs are among the reasons why interest in the company’s Optical Interposer technology is growing. “Stable, scalable DML performance at 400G would suggest the same savings and assembly efficiency could happen at 800G and in co-packaged optics, a technology that can propel photonics innovation to the next level,” Venkatesan notes.

Along with greater adoption of DML components, Venkatesan’s commentary covers the trending topics of artificial intelligence, Lidar for the automobile industry, and overall increased investment in chip manufacturing, particularly in the United States, where the CHIPS Act “would inject $52 billion in spending” in the domestic chip-manufacturing industry.

Read the full article, “Four Trends In Photonics For 2022: More Investment, More Innovation”, in Forbes now.

Learn more about the POET Optical Interposer platform here.

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