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February 17th, 2022

In its latest article, POET Technologies focuses on its expanding presence in the artificial intelligence market. Here is an excerpt:

With artificial intelligence and the demand for it steadily emerging in the marketplace, the need arises for solutions that can accelerate speed and performance of data communications. The POET Optical Interposer platform and the devices that can be built from it are positioned to be game-changers for A.I., and other verticals.

POETs hybrid integration technology not only drives cost savings and performance benefits for existing markets, but it opens the door for many novel applications. The Optical Interposers benefits are highlighted in the companycorporate presentation and the recently announced partnership agreement with Celestial AI underscores the technologys merits.

The customized Optical Interposer platform that we have co-developed with POET is among the most advanced of its kind in high-speed computing,” said David Lazovsky, founder and CEO of Celestial AI. POETs Light Engines provide us with precision optical power sources in a highly integrated form factor that meet the requirements for our Orion AI accelerator products.”

Celestial AIs Orion AI accelerator products serve the A.I. chipset market that is projected by Omdia to exceed $70 billion in 2025. As artificial intelligence grows in prominence, Celestial AI figures to be a competitive player. The industry demands a significant amount of innovation and POET can play a role in meeting that demand, for Celestial AI and other prospective partners.

Along with providing an essential light engine for Celestial AI, near-term opportunities for POET include 400G/800G, co-packaged optics, and 5G applications. Healthcare tech and autonomous driving (LiDAR) applications are also in the pipeline. Since these applications rely on photonics solutions and performance at higher speeds, POET has a chance to become the platform of choice for multiple industries.

Read the full article, “How POET TechnologiesSolutions Can Adapt and Grow with A.I. Technology”, here.

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