Dl-cls series

Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Laser Single Frequency Laser in 14-pin BTF/DIL package

14-pin DIL

14-pin BTF


Product Description

DenseLight DL-CLS Series is a cooled ultra narrow linewidth laser in BTF/DIL package with a single frequency emission. This laser is based on proprietary external cavity laser design utilizing a built-in fiber Bragg grating, offering very stable performance of lasing wavelength, narrow spectral linewidth and excellent SMSR. The as-built lasing wavelength can be specified precisely to 1nm, and further precision (down to picometer range) can be achieved through minor tuning in the internal cooler temperature or drive current. The device can be intensity modulated up to 622Mbps. High speed frequency modulation can be achieved by directly modulating its drive current. Typical output power is up to 20mW CW, with pulsed power up to 50mW. Higher output power are available on custom models.

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  • Narrow linewidth laser with FBG stabilized wavelength
  • Selection of lasing wavelength from 1260nm to 1670nm
  • High CW power up to 20mW
  • High pulsed power stability
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Product Offerings

  • A selection of wavelengths are currently available for immediate evaluation.
  • DenseLight offers rapid turnaround prototyping to meet your specific needs
  • Customizable performance items include
    • Lasing wavelength
    • Lasing linewidth
    • Output optical power level (CW or Pulse)
    • Direct modulation speed (standard or high)
    • SMF/PMF output pigtail
  • Ability to ramp to high volume
  • Fast and responsive customer support
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  • B-OTDR Sensing and Strain Monitoring (Brillouin Optical Time Domain Reflectometry)
  • Optical Metrology and Instrumentation
  • Optical Gas and Chemical Sensing


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Product Table

Peak Wavelength (nm) Product Code Operating Condition Minimum Power(mW) Typical Spectrum Linewidth (kHz) SMSR Packaging Option
1260 DL-CLS051B/D-S1260 CW 5 200 45 BTF/DIL /
DL-CLS309B/D-S1260 Pulse 30 200 45 BTF/DIL /
1383 DL-CLS051B/D-S1383 CW 5 200 45 BTF/DIL /
DL-CLS409B/D-S1383 Pulse 40 200 45 BTF/DIL /
1550 DL-CLS101B-S1550 CW 10 200 45 BTF
DL-CLS101B-FP-S1550 CW 10 200 45 BTF
DL-CLS509B-S1550 Pulse 50 200 45 BTF
1648 DL-CLS051B/D-S1648 CW 5 200 45 BTF/DIL /
DL-CLS259B-S1648 Pulse 25 200 45 BTF
1653 DL-CLS081B-S1653 CW 8 200 45 BTF
1665 DL-CLS051B-S1665 CW 5 200 45 BTF


* The Datasheet may not be the most updated copy. Please contact us for the latest version.

** For linewidth less than 50 kHz,please refer to the BF product family.

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