Dl-bp series

Programmable Superluminescent LED Source


Shown in picture with optional integrated return signal port.




  • Wavelength from 1200 to 1700 nm
  • Optical output power up to 50mW
  • Wide 3dB spectral bandwidth of up to 80nm
  • USB interface for controllable output power and internal modulation frequency
  • CW operation base on ACC or APC operating mode
  • Internal or external direct-modulation (digital inputs)
  • Operating temperature from -20 to 70°C
  • Telcordia certification
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affordable gigabit bandwidth fiber-link to homes and business (FTTX), test & measurement for telecom networks


Medical applications
OCT (biopsies-less medical cell imaging, diagnostic imaging), point of use/ hand-helds/ non-invasive diagnosis (blood analysis)


Energy, oil and gas
sensing in gas & oil production, telemetry in electricity distribution


Industrial controls
in-line production process monitoring, 3D metrology and surface metrology, semiconductor fabrication (solar cells), chemical and gas sensing – safety, emission control, security


Environmental sensing
physical (temp, pressure, strain, vibrations), structural and civil engineering, smart structures, intelligent distributed sensing


Defense & security
perimeter defense, navigation and guidance - inertia sensing (gyroscope), infrared illumination for surveillance and speckle-free military imaging

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Packaging Options

We have packaged our DL-CS series of 14-pin butterfly SLEDs into a complete solution that incorporates a high precision controller for high output level and excellent stability of the superluminescent diodes output. It also features controllable optical output power and internal modulation frequency through USB interface on customizable and integratable user interface such as LabView or C programming language. The DL-BP1 series consists of a temperature controller, a DenseLight standard 14-pin butterfly package CL-CSxxxxA and a built-in drivers capable for ACC or APC CW driving mode, internal and external direct-modulation.

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Product Table

Please refer to the brochure for this product.

* Preliminary specifications. Please contact us for enquiries.

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Telcordia Quality Assured

DenseLight's SLEDs successfully passed Telcordia's GR-468-CORE "Reliability Assurance Requirements for Optoelectronics Devices Used in Telecommunications Equipment"

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