Dl-ase series

All-Semiconductor ASE Broadband Light Source




Product Description

DenseLight DL-ASE is a series of all-semiconductor low DOP ASE optical sources with a wide selection of wavelengths, covering the entire telecom spectral bands (from O to U). The CW output standard model comes with excellent stability in output power and spectrum. As it operates on direct light generation from superluminescent principle (SLED), it can be directly intensity modulated. Modulation models are available upon request, as well as custom models to meet your specific needs.

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  • Wide spectral coverage: O-band (1260-1360nm)
    • E-band (1360-1460nm)
    • S-band (1460-1530nm)
    • C-band (1525-1565nm)
    • L-band (1565-1675nm)
    • U-band (1625-1675nm)
  • Optical power up to 19dBm
  • Degree of Polarization <5%
  • CW operation (Excellent stability <0.01dB)
  • Operating temperature 0 to 65degC
  • Telcordia certification, RoHS Compliance
  • Analog modulation (f3dB ~20MHz)
  • Digital modulation (tr <1ns)
  • Low noise performance
  • Integrated optical isolator
  • Protective electronics functions
  • Monitoring/control interface
  • Fiber pigtail output (ASE-CW Series) or FC receptacle(ASE-IM Series)
  • Single +5V power supply
  • Telcordia Qualified (GR-468-CORE)







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affordable gigabit bandwidth fiber-link to homes and business (FTTX), test & measurement for telecom networks


Medical applications
OCT (biopsies-less medical cell imaging, diagnostic imaging), point of use/ handhelds/ non-invasive diagnosis (blood analysis)


Energy, oil and gas
sensing in gas & oil production, telemetry in electricity distribution


Industrial controls
in-line production process monitoring, 3D metrology and surface metrology, semiconductor fabrication (solar cells), chemical and gas sensing – safety, emission control, security


Environmental sensing
physical (temp, pressure, strain, vibrations), structural and civil engineering, smart structures, intelligent distributed sensing


Defense & security
perimeter defense, navigation and guidance - inertia sensing (gyroscope), infrared illumination for surveillance and speckle-free military imaging


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Product Table


* The Datasheet may not be the most updated copy. Please contact us for the latest version.

Product Code Wavelength Range (nm) Power (dBm) Spectral Density (dBm/nm) Remark
DL-ASE-CW-CSO193A 1285 - 1335 19 -6.5 CW
DL-ASE-CW-CSE145A 1420 - 1460 14 -7.5 CW
DL-ASE-CW-CSC117A 1525 - 1565 11 -10 CW
DL-ASE-CW-CSC183A 18 -3.5 CW
DL-ASE-CW-CSCL117A 1525 - 1610 11 -15 CW
DL-ASE-CW-CSL165A 1570 - 1610 16 -6 CW
DL-ASE-IM-CSC107A 1525 - 1565 10 -12 Direct Modulation
DL-ASE-IM-CSCL107A 1525 - 1610 10 -18 Direct Modulation
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Telcordia Quality Assured

DenseLight's SLEDs successfully passed Telcordia's GR-468-CORE "Reliability Assurance Requirements for Optoelectronics Devices Used in Telecommunications Equipment"

Passed 5000 hours accelerated-ageing and ripple-aging tests

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